After some months now of planning, organizing, cooking, biking and talking to Haligonians, we’ve come a long way. Our group has grown in size, scope and aspirations, and we are now ready to start a crowdfunding campaign through the Centre for Social Innovation‘s crowdfunding platform, CSI Catalyst. We’re organizing drop off locations for our first tool drive, so that you can donate some of your rarely-used tools to our community library, helping Halignonians realize new projects and learn new skills. And we’re finalizing the details as we speak for – wait for it – a physical home for our beloved library!

With everything that’s happening, our small group of volunteers is looking for additional volunteers to help out with the exciting work to come.  Please take a look at our current volunteer priorities on our ‘Get Involved‘ page, and feel free to contact us at if you feel like you have something you’d like to offer that we haven’t already thought of.

Regardless of your background, skill set or reason for showing interest in the tool library, we would love to have you join our crew! We do this because we enjoy it, and we think you will too.  🙂