As those of you who have been following our work over the past months, we recently completed a successful crowdfunding campaign, raising over 125% of our goal of $8000. This means that we are now able to make a formal offer to move in to a new space just off Almon St in June, with our friends at Bike Again Halifax, and we couldn’t be more excited! You can see the details at, including the great video shot for us by Red Estate media.

Now, our focus is shifting to the work of establishing the tool library as a physical space, and for it to best serve the local community, we would love to engage those of you with an interest in the tool library’s future in a way that is fun, rewarding, and puts your talents and interests to good use.

Until now, our core group of volunteers have worn a number of different hats, taking on projects and tasks as needs arose. To better focus on specific areas of our organization’s development, we are now starting to develop working groups around a number of topics, including:

-Inventory/Resource Management

If volunteering in one of these groups (or in some other way) piques your interest, drop us a line! We strive to find the right fit for our volunteers, so send us a brief statement of interest outlining what aspect of the tool library you are interested in, and how you would like to participate at

In addition, we host weekly meetings at the Ecology Action Centre at 7pm every Monday, open to anyone who would like to attend.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. We really value the support you’ve shown, and hope that you’ll share this opportunity with others – there is a lot of exciting work to come!