Tool Wish List

We are seeking the following additions to our library & workshop collection:

  • DeWalt Batteries 20V Prefered. 
  • Flooring Air Nailer

  • CAN/OBD reader (Vehicle Computer Codes)

  • Scratch Awl

  • Counter Sink Drill Bits

  • Forstner Drill Bits
  • Screwdriver Bit sets

  • Kreg Jig (R3)

  • Over-Ear Protection

  • Respirators

  • Face Shields

  • Pick Axe

  • Random Orbital Sanders (Cordless) 
  • Belt Sander (Large) 
  • Jointer (>6″ wide)
  • Exterior Grade Extension Cords (all sizes)

  • Power Door Jamb Saw

  • Air Hoses

  • Power Bars
  • Clamps
  • Drill Press Vise
  • Bowl Turning gouges
  • Lathe Faceplates & Chucks
  • Electric Impact Driver

  • Automotive Battery Charger

  • Shop Vac Filters & Bags

  • Inspection Camera

  • Thermal Camera

  • Dust Collection Parts (Various): blast gates, elbows, better bags, upper bag support rod, etc.

List Updated: October 21, 2023

Donations Help!

As our mission is to put underused tools in the hands of people who need them, we are always seeking more! 

We take all donations during our open hours, or you can make a deposit in our Donation Bin located directly beside the front door!

If you have a large donation such as downsizing or an estate, please reach out via email before donating directly at the library!