Tool Wish List


If you have any of the following tools unloved at home, we are seeking the following additions to our library collection:

  • Flooring Air Nailer

  • CAN/OBD reader (Vehicle Computer Codes)

  • Scratch Awl

  • Counter Sink Drill Bits

  • Screwdriver Bit sets

  • Kreg Jig (R3)

  • Over-Ear Protection

  • Respirators and Dust Masks

  • Face Shields

  • Pick Axe

  • Exterior Grade Extension Cords (all sizes)

  • Power Door Jamb Saw

  • Air Hoses

  • Electric Impact Driver

  • Automotive Battery Charger

  • Shop Vac Filters & Bags

  • Inspection Camera

  • Thermal Camera

  • Dust Collection Parts (Various): blast gates, elbows, better bags, upper bag support rod, etc.

If you have a large donation such as downsizing or an estate, please reach out via email before donating directly at the library! [email protected]

List Updated: May 6, 2023