It’s what it sounds like: a library to lend tools. How many drills are sitting unused in Halifax basements right now, and how many need a drill today but don’t have one? How many people need to learn how to use tools? How many would like to teach them if there were a place to do it? And how many residents have tools, but don’t have space to use them?

A place to share what we have gives us all more. Anyone wanting to create a project, or improve the community, should have no barriers to doing that work. We want to make it easy for all residents to build what’s new and fix what’s broken.

  • Environmentally, it will allow us to buy fewer unnecessary tools and save old tools from going in the dump.
  • Socially, it will mean that everyone, whatever their background, can afford access to the tools they need. 
  • Economically, it will give experienced people a way to share their employable skills.
  • And for proud residents, it will help us fix up our homes and create a more beautiful place to live.

Follow the link to the survey above and help us make this Halifax’s project.

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