Halifax Tool Library

Halifax Tool Library

Putting underused tools in the hands of people who need them.

Thursday: 6:00—8:00

Saturday: 10:30—1:00pm

Tuesdays: 6:00—8:00pm (Women and trans* only)

6070 Almon Street.

New, bigger space April 16! Unit 133A.

Please call 902 444 TOOL before coming in. Shift hours may be subject to change due to weather, etc. Thank you.

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What’s a Tool Library?

It’s as simple as it sounds: a library that lends tools. It will also one day be a workshop where residents can work on projects and teach each other how. We seek to remove barriers so that apartment dwellers, students, low-income residents, and non-profits can work on anything they desire.

How You Can Help

Like our Facebook page to help build momentum. Let us know if you would like to volunteer, donate or help organize.